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We love to share our knowledge with the world and enjoy supporting the creative mind. 

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message! 

We also run a costuming group, so be sure to check out the Ebon Legion tab.


We've included some resources for you at the end of the page as well. 

(We'll have more tutorials available as we get a chance to film them.)

Learning the Basics

The featured video is our final project of the Leatherworking 101 series, in which Matthew walks through the steps to make a cuff. We welcome you to follow along at home to see all the techniques from the previous videos come together. If you do not already have the tools, feel free to check out the kit that includes all the tools necessary to complete the project in the video. 

Below you can also watch all of the 101 videos as well! We cover everything from identifying different types of leather to the various dying techniques to further demonstrating how to set rivets and eyelets. 


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