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Leather Garter Belt Satchel

Leather Garter Belt Satchel


Made out of 7 oz leather. Hand dyed, oiled and sealed. All edges are beveled and burnished to give it a professional finish that is rarely seen in modern leatherwork. Seams hand stitched. Etching applied by hand an border applied with hand embossing wheel. The belt can be re sized to meet your requirements. The bag is 5" wide, by 6" tall, bay 2 1/4" deep. and closes with a turnbuckle lock. Can also be removed from the garter to wear directly on the belt.

All of our pieces are custom, and we enjoy working with our customers to make sure they receive exactly what they are envisioning. After checkout, please fill out the form at checkout and we will contact you for help designing your piece!

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